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A new field study, Efficient Household Appliances, looks at the contribution of appliance replacement and consumer behaviour to reducing energy use.  This pilot study, by the University of Surrey, found that whilst official data demonstrate savings, real life measurements on appliances in use in the home suggest these can be significantly understated.

The study found that in all cases appliance replacement yielded savings. By replacing a 5-10 year old fridge freezer  with a fairly standard up-to-date (A or A+) model yielded savings between 40% and 60%.  There were significant additional savings when consumers were asked to adjust their behaviour.   When consumers switched to a lower temperature wash on washing machines it typically yielded energy savings of between 35% and 59%.

On this page you have access to the full report, an executive summary explaining how the study was conducted and its key findings and a document summarising the industry proposition.

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Efficient Household Appliances Study

Executive summary

Industry proposition