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There is help at hand to make your home more energy efficient. The Energy Saving Trust is an independent, non profit-making organisation promoting sustainable use of energy. Their locally based experts have a good knowledge of the types of housing in your area, helping them to identify the most suitable energy saving measures for your home. They can also tell you about suitably qualified trades people and advise you on any grants and offers available to help with the cost of installing energy saving measures. For free impartial advice tailored to you, call 0800 512 012 or visit

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The Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo can be found on a range of products from fridge freezers to integrated televisions. The Energy Saving Recommended scheme was established in 2000, by the Energy Saving Trust. Energy Saving Trust Recommended products are best in class for energy efficiency — meeting or exceeding specified energy efficiency requirements set by an independent panel and reviewed annually.