Saving energy

Why Change?

Electrical appliances, such as freezers, fridges, washing machines and dishwashers are now more energy efficient than ever before.

Switching to an energy-efficient model can save a great deal of money at current energy prices; and investments will pay back even faster as electricity costs are expected to rise over the next few years.

As independent academic researchers recently found ‘residential appliances have become considerably more efficient while at the same time are actually costing consumers less now in real terms than they have at any time over the past ten to fifteen years’.1

In our case study Sue and Ken Arthur measured the energy consumption of their 30 year old fridge freezer and the energy usage of its super-efficient A++ rated replacement and found that they had cut their electricity usage by over 80%. This saved them £137 a year and prevented half a ton of extra carbon dioxide being released into the environment each and every year.

Your appliances may not be as old as Sue and Ken’s but the savings can still be considerable. Try our savings calculator and see how much you could save.

Of course when you change to a newer model you also get all sorts of clever new features which make your lives easier and cheaper to run – from washing machines that wash really well at 30°C, to electric hobs that only come on when there is a pan on them.

1 DECC, Quarterly Energy Prices 2010 Table 5.5.1 Domestic electricity prices in the EU and the G7 countries