How can I move around freely and easily when cleaning?

Rechargeable products allow you to clean without the obstacle of the cable and guarantee best performances without compromise.

How can I avoid loss of vacuum cleaner suction power?

For maximum performance of a bagless product look for models guaranteeing no loss of suction power. This is normally achieved by combining multi-cyclones with high performing filters.

How do I prevent contact with dust?

In principle chose a product with bag dust container. However bagless systems with easy empty mechanism prevent fastidious contact with dust.

How can I clean the stairs in my house?

A number of light and easy -to -use specialist machines are on the market for cleaning staircases.

How do I avoid neighbours’ complaints about the noise of my vacuum?

If you want to care for your homes’ surfaces without disturbing people around you, there are products with special noise reduction technologies and with no loss of performance.

Are there cleaners to treat glossy floor surfaces?

To treat and brighten delicate marble and parquet surfaces specific machines are available. There are models to clean all treated surfaces without causing damage.

What about storage space in my small home?

Look for products designed to save space in use and storage, such as compact canisters, sticks with foldable handles and uprights with removable handle.