Energy saving tips

If you have access to an outside washing line use it whilst the weather is fine. It costs nothing and often makes clothes much easier to iron.

If you need a tumble dryer consider buying a ‘reverse action’ machine where the drum spins in both directions during the cycle. These tend to use less energy and to reduce creasing — but often cost more to buy.

You should also consider whether you can vent the machine to the outside air. If this is impossible or likely to be very costly you may need to consider a condenser-dryer. These tend to be more expensive, but may be cheaper than the alterations necessary to install a ‘through-the-wall’ style machine.

When the weather is not so good and you want to use your tumble dryer try these tips:

Before you use the washing machine:

  • make up a whole load of washing that will need tumble drying together, so that you don’t have to use it so often
  • put it on the highest spin that the advice on your clothing labels allows, so that the tumble dryer has less work to do
  • if you have a washer-dryer make sure you haven’t engaged the dryer function unless it’s absolutely necessary

Before you use the tumble dryer:

  • consider whether the clothes really need tumble drying
  • clean the filters to make sure they’re no blocked with fluff
  • allow space for fabrics to move around in the dryer so that it dries efficiently
  • put in a load of similar fabrics together so that they all dry equally
  • put the load on the most efficient cycle
  • limit the drying time, some machines have auto sensors that switch off when the clothes are dry