Energy labels

Tumble dryer energy label

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Annual energy consumption in kWh Noise emissions in decibels Electric condenser Cycle time for a full cotton load in minutes Rated capacity, in Kg, for the full load standard cotton programme Condensation efficiency class Brand name and model Additional energy classes: A+, A++, A+++

Tumble dryers can use quite a lot of energy during the drying cycle, so energy efficiency is an important issue that can make a big difference to the cost of using a tumble dryer, especially if you have no alternative such as line drying.
From 29 May 2013 new energy labels for dryers will be introduced. These will reflect the significant reduction in dryer energy consumption since the original label came into force in the mid-1990s.  These new energy labels have three slightly different designs, for three types of tumble dryers: two for electric and one for gas appliances, the last of which has a label for the first time.

AMDEA has published a handy guide to these new labels. Click here to download.

The label illustrated here is for a condenser dryer and shows that ratings A+, A++  and A+++ have been added to the original A to G  classification scheme to reflect improvements in energy use. A+++  is now best and D is now the worst classification in terms of energy efficiency.

All three labels will include a figure for estimated annual energy consumption, load capacity, cycle time and a noise measurement. Hover over the symbols in the label illustration for further information.