New case study of 20 yr old fridge

In Autumn 2011, with energy prices soaring, the Coutinho family volunteered to help expand Time to Change’s understanding of the real savings that new fridge freezer technology can bring.

In 2009 AMDEA had tested a 30 year old fridge vs an A++ model and found £137 savings based on energy prices at that time. Two years later AMDEA canvassed for a family with a 20 year old fridge willing to undergo an identical experiment and pitch their ageing appliance against an A+ rated model. Literally hundreds of families owned up to harbouring a model of this age and volunteered for the study.

One key factor in choosing the subjects was the ability to verify the exact age of the old appliance. Mario Coutinho’s model proved to be a mere 18 years old, but other aspects made this family of four a very representative household.

The aim of the case studies is to check the savings in real life in-home usage.

The old fridge was monitored  for 3 weeks and then replaced with a state of the art new Energy Saving Trust Recommended A+ model of equivalent size. This new model was also monitored for a further 3 weeks and produced staggering results.

To run Mario’s old fridge, at current average energy prices, was costing £139 a year against just £38 for the new energy efficient model – equating to 73% energy savings.

20 year old fridge freezer vs. A+ model


  • 73% energy saving
  • 18.68 kWh vs 5.13 KWh per week
  • 704.6 kWh saved each year
  • Enough CO2 to fill over 37,000 balloons (367kg/pa)
  • At least £100 saved in electricity every year

Mario keeping an eye on the energy spend

Mario £££s better off with his new A+ rated model

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