Case study of 30 yr old fridge

In May 2009 we conducted an in-home case study. Sue and Ken Arthur from Cheltenham let AMDEA into their family home to measure the electricity consumption of their 30 year old fridge freezer for 3 weeks. This was then replaced by a new A++ rated model of an equivalent size and its electricity spend was monitored for the same period under similar usage conditions.

The dramatic results revealed that replacing an old fridge with an ultra efficient model can save as much as 80% energy; £137 a year in electricity; and recoup the cost of the new appliance in just 3 years.

30 year old fridge freezer vs. A++ model


  • 80% energy saved
  • 23.26 kWh vs 4.3 KWh per week
  • £137 saved in electricity a year
  • 3 years to recoup cost of new model
  • 529 kg of CO2 saved a year

Sue Arthur checking energy monitoring device.

Sue Arthur and new A++ rated fridge which is 80% more efficient than her 30-year old model.

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